Book: Exploratory Testing


Exploratory Testing


This is a book that we covered in our ST book club.

The book is a well written introduction to exploratory testing, and covers wide and narrow-scale exploratory testing and how to create and use exploratory test plans.  James Whittaker clearly does have good ideas, and they’re well explained here.

That said, I didn’t really like it – I think because it seems to start with the assumption that much of the audience need to be cajoled away from writing and then mindlessly executing test cases and so spends time and effort on stuff that I already took for granted.

I’d recommend it as a good introduction for newer testers or indeed anyone who’s used to writing a prescriptive plan of all their testing up front before getting started.  If you’re already well versed in more modern testing and have thought about exploratory testing at least a bit, you might find it a bit slow – probably still worth a flick through and read for reference, but I wouldn’t dash out and buy it.


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