Dev, Test or Support?


Dev, Test and Support combining to become the Megazord

This is another post coming out of my thoughts on how to decide where you might want to fit in a company, whether you’re new or even just thinking about your future.  The first one is here.

A customer is hitting a bug in the product that your organisation makes.

  • Dev say, “We should fix that.  We need to make the product better.”
  • Test say, “We should check that area and see what else we find.  We need to prevent further issues.”
  • Support say, “We should help them work around that.  We need to keep our customers up and running.”

Hopefully, everyone actually says some combination of all of these things, but if you’re drawn to one response more than another, maybe you should try out the area that you’re highlighting.

Does this “test” work for you?  Or are there other responses that I’ve missed – and where do those fit in?



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