Developing your testing using jokes

Why did the developer cross the road?  To get to the others’ ide.

Another in a somewhat sporadic series of “things you can do in your spare time that are fun and hone some of your testing skills.  This one comes from a session a year or two back at the Assurance Leadership Forum (formerly Test Management Forum) by James Thomas.

Joke creation flexes just those same skills you need for testing.  Logic, reasoning and deduction, lateral thinking, breaking assumptions, and that intuitive flare for spotting the edge of something that niggles and pulling at it until it unravels.

And it turns out, that James has now released an eBook which you can read here (don’t panic – it’s a 20 page PDF) that talks through and unpicks some of this far better than I could explain.  I recommend the read, and then giving creating some Jokes a go!


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