About Me

My name is Edmund Pringle.  I was born and raised in Cambridge, UK, and now reside in London, UK.

I work for a network software provider called Metaswitch Networks.  I’ve worked for them as a developer, architect, support engineer, tester, dev manager and am currently working as a test manager.  As you might tell from that list, once I get pretty good at something, I tend to get bored and want to learn something new – and Metaswitch have been very good at providing such challenges (Shameless plug – if you’re looking for a job, we’re always hiring).  I’ve found that I enjoy testing and people development most, so I expect to stay in this area for a while.

Outside work, I play the French Horn, do Yoga, and have long term interests in Music, Psychology, Steam Trains, Wine and Cocktail making and Board Games.  I also find almost anything is interesting once you look into it, which makes life fun but tiring.